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Dabble Day – 9th March

12 February 2013

Dear Beavers,

On Saturday the 9th March 2013 we will be attending the District Dabble Day.  This is an event for all of the Beaver Scouts around Colchester Estuary, our District, to come together and enjoy a day of crafts.

The event will be at Rowhedge Village Hall, Rectory Road, CO5 7HX.  The cost for the day will be £4 per Beaver.  As with all Beaver events, you must arrive in your Beaver Uniform.

You will need to bring your own packed lunch and a drink.  You will also need to bring a carrier bag to put all of your crafts in to take home.

Please email for more details, or if you’ve misplaced the letter.


Gorilla & Chipmunk