Articles Archive for June 2013

25 Jun 2013

Saturday 22nd June didn’t look like it was going to be a very dry day. From early in the morning all I could hear from the comfort of my bed was the falling rain on the roof of my home. The question “How many activities were inside?” ran through my mind, the answer was “none”. So with the tradition scouting approach of “Be Prepared” waterproof clothing and hiking boots were packed as I headed off to Thorrington Scout Camp for the arrival of the Cubs and Beavers.
My fears wern’t realised, …

19 Jun 2013

On Monday 17th June Ravens took charge of the evening – their event was a ten mile cycle ride from the HQ to Weeley McDonalds.
The bikes arrived in an ¬†array of conditions, most needing tyres inflating and seats raising! However, these items were soon fixed and we were on our way. Raven’s Patrol Leader took the lead to navigate the patrols to McDonalds.

4 Jun 2013

How to lay 100sqm of laminate flooring in 2 1/2 minutes!