Gift Aid

1st Great Bentley Scout group are able to claim gift aid on all subscriptions and donations made to the group. If you pay tax you can help us to get more income from each terms subs.

Gift Aid does not cost you any extra but means we can claim money back from HM Revenue and Customs. If we can do this it means that the Term Subscription of £28 is actually worth £35 to us, that’s an extra £21 a year we can claim back just for you completing the Gift Aid Declaration.

At the bottom of this page is the Gift Aid Declaration form. If you are able to let us claim gift aid, please can you complete the form and return it with your child.

We are able to back date our claim, so if you have paid subs in the past please can you also tick the backdate payments box.

Thank you for your help

Karen (Akela)

PDF Download


PDF Files open with Adobe Reader, which if required can be downloaded from here.