Beavers, Cubs

Thorrington Fun Day

22 May 2013

Dear Beavers and Cubs

We will be attending the Thorrington Fun day again this year. This is on Saturday 22nd June 2013. The Theme for the day is Around the World. Please feel free to come in costume as they will be having a prize for the best costume on the day.  If you have any questions please contact Akela or Gorilla.Cub and Beaver Fun Day 2007

Activities on the day will include, Abseiling, Climbing, Caving, Create Stacking, Crafts, Assault Course and much more. Cost is £6 per person. The price includes; Hotdog, Biscuit and an Ice Cream.

There is a tuck/souvenir shop onsite if you wish to bring some spending money. You may also like to bring an extra drink and snacks for throughout the day.

We are short on Leaders for the day so if any parents would like to come and help us out with supervision we would appreciate your help. We will have to ask you to fill out a CRB form.

Beavers normally walk round as one large group for which we are required to have one adult to every six Beavers. We do allow the cubs to go round the campsite on their own in small groups and they tend to come back and forth to check in, there are plenty of Leaders stationed all around the site to keep an eye on them for us.  However, if you would prefer your Cub to be supervised throughout the day we will require help.

There will be no parking for Fun Day.  Cars will drive up to Thorrington Scout camp and they will direct you into the drop off point. You will need to find us, we will be in this area waiting for you. You will then be directed back out. There will be a lot of cars on the day so please try and share lifts where possible.

If you would like to attend please return the attached one day activity form along with your payment of £6 per Beaver/ Cub by 4th June, 2013.

You will need to wear top half uniform (Jumper/ Polo shirt and scarf/ woggle). If this doesn’t fit under your costume wear your scarf and bring your jumper in your bag in case of cold weather.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Akela or Gorilla.