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Scouts Cycling Expedition

14 October 2013

With rain forecast for the weekend, and with Friday weather best being described as torrential, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the camp would be cancelled.

However, Scouts are made of sterner stuff, and a little bit of water has never put anyone off. As it happened, Saturdays weather forecast was very wrong, the rain clouds had disappeared well before the 9am muster time.

The Scouts, arrived packed for the weekend expedition, along with their chosen method of two wheeled transportation.

Before setting off, each bike was “M” checked, and tyres were inflated too. The two groups set off in slightly different directions, but as can be seen from the map below, they would both travel via Seawick, and then along Cycle Route 51.

Saturday Route


The aim was to complete a 40km cycle ride, and the expedition part was to take at least four hours away from the HQ.

When the Scouts returned later in the day, tents would need to be erected, dinner cooked and everything clean and put away.

On Sunday, the weather was less favourible, it had been raining since around 2am, and when the camp arose at 8am it was still raining. Breakfast have to be cooked outside, then they prepared for another cycle expedition.

Sunday Route

This time, they would travel as a single group, and headed off towards Alresford, with the plan being to cycle along the rive Colne to Colchester.

The trail was best described as muddy, as were the Scouts by the time the reached Wivenhoe 🙂 Lunch was consumed on Lightship Way, and the return route was through Elmstead Market and Frating.

Hopefully a good time was had by all, even though the were perhaps muddier than usual!